Learning, Lifting and All The Stuff in Between 

I was having a really hard time thinking of what to write on this blog. The stream of consciousness writing that somehow made it from my head to a Word doc on my Mac turned out to be a bunch of half-developed (I’m being generous here) ideas that I like but just can’t seem to wrap up. I started to think that listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist was not helping with my writing, but as the playlist changed from Twista to Iron Maiden, I had a thought:

Why is my Discover Weekly playlist full of such random stuff?

While I sat there wondering what the hell the overarching theme of this blog should be, I realized that this playlist – full of a bunch of wildly different genres of music – mimics my interest – a separate collection of wildly different and unrelated topics.

So what should you expect from the personal website of a guy who listens to a playlist with both Eric Burdon’s Spill the Wine and Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster by the Geto Boys? Expect a lot of random stuff – some personal musings, some posts about topics I find interesting, some recommendations, and more. Looking forward to having you on board for the ride.

– Joe