This plug-in will literally change the way to perceive the internet. Everyone knows that we’re getting tracked by TONS of things on the web, but I believe it safe to say we all grossly underestimate how widespread it really is. Use Ghostery to turn off those trackers, or just watch in awe as you realize there are 55 tracking tools following your activity on the last website you visited.


Rapportive + MixMax + Vibe

A trio of tools to stalk people in the internets and find useful information about them. Reading that back to myself, I really sound like a creep, but these are awesome for finding email addresses, contact info, and more for business contacts. No creepiness intended.



I’m not explaining this one, because I hope you know what this does.



MixMax provides this functionality, as well, but Boomerang is legit. Schedule emails to come back at a designated time (hence, boomerang) or send them out 3 days from now at exactly 6:53am.



I used to use but quickly grew tired of it taking a LONG time to load my new tabs. Momentum is clean. Momentum is fresh. Momentum is simple. Tired of the boring page that shows when you open a new tab, or embarrassed of seeing that cat gif site you frequent show up in your top visited pages? Hit up Momentum.


BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Cool little Chrome plug-in that lets you check out the tech stack behind websites. #NerdAlert



– Joe