On Thursday, December 17th, 2015 my friends from Startup Institute and I pitched ourselves to the NYC tech community at SI’s version of a Demo Day. We each had a minute, and I can say with confidence that I learned more about my ability to speak publicly and present myself in the preparation for that pitch than I did through the hundreds of presentations I gave in my entire academic career.

There is a certain vulnerability that is required for an effective personal pitch. It probably more accurate to stay that vulnerability and confidence go a long way. It’s striking that balance that is key to making an emotional connection with someone while maintaining authority.

I might post the video of myself on here when I get around to editing the video. No promises, though. In the mean time, it’s back to everyone’s favorite professional activity – searching for a new job.


– Joe

P.S. – expect me to be dumping more content on this site than I have for a past few weeks. I’m going to need somewhere to vent during this process.