I was challenged to spend the month of January as sober as a bird. I swear this is not an intervention, but rather an annual challenged. It’s pretty simple – just don’t drink from New Year’s Day to the end of the month. Sober January 2016 – how hard could it be?

Well, apparently 90% of the people I talk to about it think I am crazy. I’ve had people offer to pray for me, then immediately change that to “I’ll drink for you, bro.” I appreciate the sentiment. Regardless of how tongue-in-cheek their responses might be, it got me thinking about how drinking relates to one’s social circle.

There happen to be 6 of us doing Sober January; 6 of us who normally go to bars and meet new people and drink. For the next 20-something days, however, I guess we’ll be going to bars and meeting new people with only a club soda in our hands. I can’t promise that a Shirley Temple won’t make an appearance sooner or later.

We all have goals for the months – some physical, some mental, some financial – but I think this month is more of a test of will than anything else. I know plenty of people who don’t have the fortitude to pass up on something when it’s right in front of them everyday. That’s why they offer to pray for me when I tell them I’m not drinking all month.

Even though you can’t walk half a block in NYC without seeing a bar (let alone 3), I know I’ll be fine. There is a certain satisfaction in seeing your friends hungover as hell on Saturday and Sunday mornings while you feel awesome.

Doing something to kick off 2016, or got some thoughts on Sober January? Hit me up @J_Naso on Twitter.

– Joe